The Tight Dress

The tight dress. Scary territory if you’re not completely comfortable with your body: so many beautiful dresses that feel out of bounds. 

One of my favourite brands is House Of CB. I think their designs are absolutely stunning and I used to spend hours scrolling through the website and dreaming of having a figure to wear them. Then I realised, who’s to say what figure should be wearing these dresses? All the models on the website have perfect hour glass figures but just because I don’t look like that and have love handles and saddle bags doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear them.

Material plays a huge part in finding the right tight dress that will suit your body. First off, stay away from any jersey type material; it’s clingy in all the wrong places and very unflattering. Bandage can be good because it pulls any lumps and bumps in, however, for me, I sometimes feel like it makes me look bigger than I am. The most flattering material I’ve found is satin/silk as it glides over your skin and has no sight of clinging at all.

With a wedding coming up and a red, satin House of CB dress I’d fallen in love with, I just needed to find the confidence to wear it. That’s where I can thank Sara Blakely: the creator of Spanx. I always thought that you’d be able to see them under a tight dress – that’d always put me off wearing them. But also, my dress was backless so this put a spanner in the works too. I emailed Spanx asking what would be best for this design and they were incredibly helpful saying that the best would be ‘Skinny Britches Sheer Mid Thigh Shaper Short’. They were the material of tights so very thin but super supportive! You couldn’t see them under the dress and they smoothed out all my insecurities. Perfect!

On the wedding day I felt very confident and was feeling myself a little I must say! (until I ate loads of food and had a food baby – rooky error). But girls, please don’t ever think that a certain type of clothing is only for certain types of women. If you want to wear it, there are things you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Spanx are a women’s best friend, not diamonds.



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