My Tanning Ritual

One thing that really builds my confidence is having a tan. I feel I look more toned, my outfits are enhanced, my make-up goes on better and I generally prefer myself sun kissed. Whilst in the summer it should be easy for to get a natural tan, due to my genetics, I have a high risk of skin cancer – so sun exposure is something I try and keep to a minimum.

Another factor that isn’t ideal when it comes to natural tanning is that on holiday I’m only tanned in the last couple of days. This leaves me looking pale in most of the holiday pictures (hello upping the saturation on my Instagram pics). This is why I’m a big fake tan fan.

I have been fake tanning since I was about fourteen: I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the streaky, the blotchy, the orange (and green!) side of fake tanning. Over the years, I’ve tried countless amounts of products: mousses, mist’s, sprays, creams, moisturisers, gradual, instant, in the shower; the list in endless. I believe I have found the best way to achieve a natural, long lasting tan and I’m going to share with you my formula!

Step 1: Exfoliate.

I use St Tropez Optimiser Body Polish, Tan 120 ml with an exfoliating glove to do this. I’ve tried many and this is the best exfoliate I’ve found.

Step 2: Shave.

Shave those legs, girls! If you shave after you’ve applied the tan, it will take it off quicker.

Step 3: Touch Of Moisturiser.

Put a little bit of moisturiser on the tips of your elbows and your heels – tan tends to cling to these areas.

Step 4: Garnier Ambre Solaire.

Apply Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Milk Face & Body 150ml to your entire body, taking care around ankles and toes.

Step 5: Your Back.

Get your mum, sister, boyfriend, nan, dog, to do your back for you! I drive my family mad with this but they get their own back on holiday with sun cream!

Step 6: Hands.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry. Put a little dollop of fake tan on the back of one hand and blend together using the back of your other hand. Drag the tan lightly up your fingers and round to your wrists. (video demonstration below)

Step 7: Dry And Dress.

Wait until you feel dryer before dressing in something lose fitting – you will feel slightly sticky for a while. I tend to do this before bed so that I don’t have to spend the day sticky and can wear minimal clothing.

Step 8: L’Oreal.

Wake up a bronzed goddess! The way I make this last all week is by applying L’Oreal Paris Sublime Self-Tan Body Lotion Medium 200ml a few days later. Just say I did the Garnier one on Sunday, I would then apply the L’Oréal one on Wednesday/Thursday. It’s just to top up the tan and keep it looking fresh. Apply this in exactly the same way as the other one without the exfoliation stage.

Step 9: Repeat.

On Sunday, I exfoliate my body again and repeat the process. I find this keeps me tanned, moisturised and confident all week, whilst letting my skin breath through the exfoliation.

Here is a before and after! 

Hope this is helpful my lovelies, let me know if it works for you!

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