The Perfect Day To Night Dress

One thing I love doing is discovering new brands. I came across Never Fully Dressed through a Facebook advert. I fell in love with so many pieces of their clothing but one in particular caught my eye. 

The mix grey wrap dress. Originally I thought it was a skirt (I ordered a grey t shirt from elsewhere to get the same outfit as the model lol), so I was surprised when it arrived! The material the bottom half is made from is gorgeous and made me feel so confident: it skimmed perfectly over my insecurities and the wrap detail showed off my waist.

The second best thing about this dress other than the way it made me feel, was the fact you could take it from day to night with a change of shoes. This week, I had a day where I was really busy and wouldn’t have a chance to go home before I had to go out for the evening. I wore it with flip flops in the day and took a change of shoes and a necklace in my bag with me; some black boot heels and a little bit of accessorising, I was ready for my night in less than a minute!

Above is me in my natural habitat… shopping! And below is just before dinner.

I’m so pleased I discovered this brand because they not only sell beautiful clothes, but they use their business for other things too. I dug a little deeper into the brand and it turns out that they do a lot to help charities and make a difference (explained in detail on their website).  In a world where there are more brands than you can shake a stick at, I think an important way to make a brand stand out to me is if they are making a difference in some way – which Never Fully Dressed are doing. This was the cherry on top of my new brand discovery!

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