Taking Gender Equality By Stormzy

You might not be able to tell from looking at me but I’m a huge Hip Hop fan; I love the old, the new and everything in between. It’s always been a passion of mine and I follow the movements very closely. However, one thing that has always been the same is the way that some rappers portray women in a derogatory way; referring to them as objects. It has generally always been part of the hip hop culture, so I hadn’t really questioned it until recently.

It was when I heard UK grime and hip hop artist, Stormzy, rapping in Little Mix’s song ‘Power’ when I noticed something different… he wasn’t commenting on a woman’s appearance, her skills in the bedroom or how many he could get. He was actually uplifting women and speaking about their ambitions and brains, not their body. “We the type to build on our careers and share the houses” is an amazing reference to gender equality, one that I can’t think of any other rapper saying before? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I find this unbelievably refreshing and truly think it’s needed. A lot of rappers prime audiences are teenagers, who are incredibly influential, believing what the people they look up to say. I really admire people who use fame as a platform to help change and shape the next generation for the better. Stormzy is in a prime position to show young people that women aren’t objects, carrying weapons is wrong and using drugs is life damaging; and I really hope he takes full advantage of this as he seems to be doing already.

“Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.” Oprah Winfrey

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