Quick Messy Dressy Bun Tutorial 

So I discovered this look when I was on holiday on New Years Eve; I’d gotten a little too carried away with the festivities at the beach bar and realised I had about 40 minutes to get ready for dinner. 

My hair was a mess from the beach but I didn’t have time to wash it. So I thought I need to create something that looks classy but hides how knotty my hair is. And this is the look I came up with. 

Obviously you don’t have to be fresh from the beach to do this style but 2-3 day old hair (or even older) will make this look work better.

Things you’ll need: 


Dry shampoo 

Hair doughnut 


Step 1: Brush your hair and apply dry shampoo to give lots of volume 

Step 2: Gather your hair like you are going to tie a pony tail 

Step 3: Get your hair donut and pull the ends of your hair through 

Step 4: Pull the hair round and tuck it up into the donut and pull it round the other side 

Step 5: Keep repeating this by working your way down your hair until there isn’t anymore to tuck up and pull round 

Step 6: Clip the bun into place; this is where you can adjust the bun to your liking- the more you clip into place, the tidyer the bun gets. This comes down to personal preference. If I’m wearing this bun casually in the day, I tend to leave it more messy. If I’m wearing it in the evening, I tidy it up a bit more. 

I have created a quick video demonstrating how I do it. (Please ignore my expression throughout the video, I look really mean when I’m concentrating!)

Let me know how you get on, lovelies!

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