The Best Bra For Backless

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go a day without seeing these sticky, strapless, backless, self adhesive bras which enhance your cleavage with a pull string: they’ve been taking over social media in recent months. As you may have seen, I love a piece of backless clothing. In the past, I used silicon nipple covers to wear them, but this doesn’t give the girls the boost I’d like. With holidays booked and several backless items packed, I looked into the bra of the moment. Continue reading “The Best Bra For Backless”


My Tanning Ritual

One thing that really builds my confidence is having a tan. I feel I look more toned, my outfits are enhanced, my make-up goes on better and I generally prefer myself sun kissed. Whilst in the summer it should be easy for to get a natural tan, due to my genetics, I have a high risk of skin cancer – so sun exposure is something I try and keep to a minimum. Continue reading “My Tanning Ritual”

Why I’ve started this blog

I’ve just finished university and feel like my life is slightly lingering in no mans land; I’ve been smacked in the face with the job market, joining thousands of other people exactly like me on paper: the same degree and same level of experience. We’re all battling it out for a job offer or a foot in the door somewhere. Whilst I’m faced with this blood bath, I realised it’s the first time in my life that I don’t have any commitments, responsibilities or structure. Continue reading “Why I’ve started this blog”